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February 18, 2011

How to display a database column values in a single cell in Web Intelligence Rich Client ?

In this post, I would like to show you how to display an object value in a single cell separated by a delimiter in a WebI report.

I have a table name called Account in Xtreme database and it has the following values,  the requirement is to display all the account names in a single cell in the report.



This requirement can be fulfilled if we have access to Universe Designer in which three following objects needs to be created with the syntax shown, I am using SQL Server as my database.

    Column Value
    Actual Object Name – Single Line

1) Create a ColumnValue object as below:


2) Create a Delimiter object as below:


3) Create a Account Name object as below:

This step needs two things, make sure the definition of the object looks like below plus the qualification should be a measure with projection as SUM



Objects qualification and projection


All the ground work is done, now I will use the object in a sample report.  Let’s see what it returns ?


The report output is shown below…. voila !!!


That is all for today.Wave


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