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June 30, 2012

Free SAP HANA for 30 days

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Sign up here and get 30 days access, Follow this link to get more information

If you need assistance you may try these options (1) check out the  FAQ (2) a discussion forum  HANA Forum  (3) send an email to

If you are interested to create your own SAP HANA DB, you can do it on Amazon Marketplace but there is a usage expense that you need to pay.

Amazon Marketplace

Enjoy and Good Luck.


SAP BI 4.0 – Central Management Server ports

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In BI 4.0 Central Management Server (CMS) uses two different ports:

a) Name Server Port

CMS by default uses port 6400 to communicate with Designer, WebI Rich Client, Information Design Tool, Business View Manager, application server(s) and may be firewall internal to the organization. In other words CMS listens for the requests on this port, this port is referred as name server port. When the BI server starts all the other BI services will register with CMS on name server port, CMS then sends its request port # to other service to communicate after its registration with CMS.

If the name server port is changed then all the BI services that needs to communicate with CMS has to know on which port the CMS is running to register themselves.

b) Request port
Each BI server binds to a request port, for example the Web Intelligence Processing Server  select its request port number dynamically when the server starts or restarts, unless it is configured to use a specific port number. This port is used by CMS to communicate with the Web Intelligence Processing Server.

For CMS the name server port and request port must be different otherwise the server will not start. If you by mistake set these ports with the same port # and saves it, the next time when the BI server restarts then CMS will not start because of port conflict. It may throw this error in CCM.   (@IRFANCLSTR is the cluster name)



To resolve the port conflict follow the following steps: 

  stop the SIA in CCM
  go to properties and startup tab
  click the central management server
  click properties and delete the request port shown below.   


Click OK and restart the SIA.

In conclusion, do not assign the same port # for CMS in CMC Launchpad as it is not advisable. You can also assign static ports to each of the BI services in BI 4.0 stack but that is all together a different topic.


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